What is the Daily Checklist Bonus?

The Daily Checklist not only helps you keep track of your daily ySense activity it also rewards you for being an active ySense member.

For each day that you complete your Daily Checklist, a bonus of up to 16.0% will be added to your account balance at the end of that day. The bonus amount you can earn is unlimited; it only depends on your activity.

This bonus will be calculated from your total personal earnings that include your completed Appen Tasks and completed Offers and Surveys. Other bonuses and referral commissions are not included. 

In order to complete the Daily Checklist you need to:


  1. Complete at least 10 Appen Tasks; or
  2. Complete at least 2 offers or surveys from the offers and surveys pages; or
  3. Complete at least 5 Appen Tasks and at least 1 offer or survey from the offers and surveys pages:


Daily Checklist Bonus 12.0%
ySenseAddon Extra Bonus ¹ 2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ² 2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus 16.0%



¹ ySenseAddon Extra Bonus: Complete the checklist and run the ySenseAddon for at least one hour in a given day to earn this extra bonus. Important: Survey notifications must be enabled under options.

² Activity Extra Bonus: By completing the checklist three days in a row you will earn this extra bonus on the third day, for that day's earnings, and every other day thereafter, given that you complete the checklist continuously. If you fail to complete the checklist in a given day the bonus will reset. Take the following table as an example:


Day # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Was the checklist completed?  
Activity bonus awarded?


 If for some reason you do not get credit for completing a Task, Survey or Offer on a given day, or if payment is delayed into the following day, the checklist of that day will not take the missing credits into consideration; payments are not retroactive, they will instead count only towards the day when they are actually received.

These conditions may change at any time and an announcement will be made in that event.